Delicate and dedicated. Lori will give her all to ensure she can help you in any way she can. Her sessions relaxed my mind and body.
Aaron P.
Lori has a voice that relaxes me within minutes and she has a true empathy for what others go through and a desire to help. Her hypnotherapy treatments have helped me work through a difficult time of transition. She has also instilled in me the ability to hypnotize myself before bed, and I feel more in control.
Mason P.
I have had a fear of the dentist since I was a child. I had to have several lengthy procedures done and was putting them off until I discovered hypnotherapy. Lori works with me to release my fear of the dentist, drugs and potential pain, and I am actually moving past my fear of going to the dentist. She is patient and kind and I am happy to refer her.
Elisa F.
Lori has helped me with generalized anxiety that came up after losing a loved one. She has an incredible way of putting me at ease with her lovely voice and I cannot recommend the process more. All I do is lie back, close my eyes, and I am relaxed and being hypnotized. Lori has also worked with me to help gain control of my own anxiety which gives me more control. She has a true calling for this type of work.
Jonathan S.
I travel 4 hours to see a holistic dentist and the work is helping my immune system but the stress and anxiety I felt from worrying about the trip and the procedure was stalling that process. Working with Lori at the beginning, I was skeptical, but I soon realized that when I let go of those feelings, and open up to healing, amazing things happen. She helps guide me to a place where I feel safe, strong and protected and I can go to that place any time I chose. She is an integral part of my healing process. Thank you.
Bethany K.
Lori has a deep desire to help others and our therapy sessions always leave me feeling more grounded and hopeful. She has helped me work through dealing with a chronic illness so I no longer feel trapped inside a body that is not my own. I love her compassion and sweet, caring personality. She never gives up on finding ways to work with me and I appreciate her diligence and focus.
Diane V.
I have worked with Lori for several sessions of talk therapy and hypnotherapy. I was afraid of both but working with Lori has shown me that it is strong and powerful to seek help when going through challenges in life, and I will forever be grateful. She has helped me through a stressful period in my life.
Benjamin L.